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BluFocus Debuts to Test Blu-ray Discs

21 Jan, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

As Blu-ray Disc specifications are playing catch-up, a new company has launched with the sole purpose of making sure Blu-ray Discs work before heading to retailers.

Based in Los Angeles, BluFocus says it's working with several studios and a BD-Live technology developer to test network-enabled features on several discs, and says it's well qualified to test all the ins and outs of Blu-ray's interactive platform, BD-Java.

“We believe that the testing methodologies currently in place — while appropriate for DVD titles — are not sufficient for Blu-ray Discs,” said Paulette E. Pantoja, founder and CEO of BluFocus. “We address the needs of all of the Blu-ray constituents: studios, authoring facilities, player manufacturers and the emerging developers of Blu-ray Disc tools.”

For more information, call 310-869-2552, email info@blufocus.com or visit blufocus.com.

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