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Blue Skies at Retail for <I>Sweet Home Alabama</I> DVD

6 Feb, 2003 By: Jessica Wolf

Images of Reese Witherspoon and her sassy little black dress set against a white background dominated DVD racks this week, but there were still plenty of empty slots in Sweet Home Alabama merchandisers and in new-release displays at Costa Mesa, Calif., retailers. An Alabama-designed Best Buy endcap was wiped clean of DVD stock the afternoon of street.

Best Buy also stocked Pretty Woman and Am?lie DVDs on an Alabama-themed merchandiser, priced at a discounted $14.99, or two-for-$25 with the purchase of Alabama. Shelftalkers and the weekly mailer tagged Serendipity and Bridget Jones' Diary as part of the deal as well.

Two guys in their mid-20s approached the Alabama merchandiser and gave each other sheepish grins as they each grabbed a copy. Another male customer waiting in line with a copy of the romantic comedy, three other DVDs, four CDs and some computer accessories said he picked up the DVD because he got dragged to Legally Blonde in theaters and surprisingly enjoyed it. “And look at her. She's just so cute,” he laughed.

At a nearby Target, a woman gleefully waved the DVD at her husband. “I got us Sweet Home Alabama!” Her hubby rolled his eyes and said, “We're not getting that.” His wife just grinned and tossed the DVD into the cart.

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