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Blu-ray 'Steps Up' Film Quality

9 Jun, 2008 By: Fred Topel

Step Up 2 the Streets

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment releases Step Up 2 The Streets on Blu-ray Disc day and date with the standard-DVD release. Director Jon M. Chu is excited for fans to see all the extra detail the high-definition transfer will show compared to theatrical prints.

“It's beautiful,” Chu said. “The colors just pop. You get to see because we play a lot in the shadows. That's what we wanted to do and sometimes the print was a little dark to me.

“On the Blu-ray, just consistently you know what you're getting and you can play in those shadows. You can see it and it doesn't feel dark. It just feels moody.”

The detail is so crisp that Chu worries some of his mistakes will be visible too.

“Well, you definitely get to see more wires from the camera,” Chu said. “There'll be like a sandbag or something somewhere.”

Chu did some extra post-production work to remove as many gaffes as he could find. Making other adjustments for different versions of the film was more of a struggle.

“The most painful stuff is the 4:3 version, the standard- def version which is like ugh, we had to rearrange all the dance numbers and move things,” he said. “I did that a couple days ago and that was painful.”

Special features will include more dancing in the deleted scenes.

“We had to cut out an hour and a half of this movie,” he said. “We have so many dance numbers and we just gave like two hours worth of stuff to the DVD people to sort out.”

With a cast of mainly first-time actors, Chu also said he hopes to include audition tapes. Particularly, Adam G. Sevani provided a memorable demo.

“He literally is talking to the camera and he dances,” Chu said. “It's crazy.”

Chu also wants to share star Briana Evigan's enthusiasm for winning the lead role.

“When I first tell her that she got the role, I was in New York and we called her up and it was really fun to hear her,” Chu said. “She's like, yelling. It was fun.”

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