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Blu-ray to Hit Japan

29 Aug, 2006 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Several top Hollywood studios Tuesday announced the launch of the Blu-ray Disc format in Japan, with about 75 titles going on sale later this year, according to published news reports.

Among the high-profile offerings: The Da Vinci Code, from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, and Chicken Little, from Buena Vista Home Entertainment.

The rival HD DVD next-generation optical-disc camp, meanwhile, has announced about 40 titles for Japan, including Warner Home Video's Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Million Dollar Baby.

Among the other studios announcing Blu-ray Disc titles at a Tokyo news conference were Paramount Home Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and Warner Home Video.

Japanese Blu-ray Disc titles will share the same region code as U.S. releases, according to Sony, developer of the format. Regional coding is being simplified across the board, with just three codes for Blu-ray releases, down from eight for DVD.

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