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Blu-ray Disc Group Unveils Physical Specs

11 Aug, 2004 By: Erik Gruenwedel

The Blu-ray Disc Founders, a consortium of 13 companies developing next-generation high definition DVD format, today unveiled the much-anticipated Version 1.0 physical specifications for third-party disc manufacturers and replicators.

The specifications for the readable-only (ROM) format include a single-layer disc with 25GB of storage, a dual-layer disc with 50GB of storage and both discs capable of streaming up to 36 megabits per second, according to Richard Doherty, a director a Panasonic Hollywood Labs.

A rewritable version of the Blu-ray Disc 1.0 format already exists, with Sony and Panasonic introducing DVD recorders almost two years ago.

“This would allow media manufacturers to start manufacturing the actual media itself,” Doherty said.

The application format, which outlines how content will look on the disc, is scheduled for completion by the end of the year.

“While this announcement doesn't have any great impact to end-user consumers, it definitely opens up the field to any third-party disc manufacturer to start to evaluate how to set up a replication line,” Doherty said.

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