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Blu-ray Disc Gets Key Compression Codecs and Mastering System

1 Sep, 2004 By: Kurt Indvik

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) announced it has finalized agreements to add two key compression codecs to the Blu-ray Disc (BD) format specification. The MPEG-4 AVC High Profile and Microsoft's VC-1, which is the proposed SMPTE standard based on Windows Media Video 9, will add increased compression power and disc functionality to BD, said Maureen Weber, GM of Hewlett Packard's Optical Storage Business Solutions and a member of the BDA.

“We've been committed to adding advanced codecs to enrich the Blu-ray Disc format,” Weber said. “We want to offer content providers a variety of compression codecs to suit their various needs.”

The competing high-definition format, HD-DVD, already includes both these codecs in its format specifications.

Meanwhile, Sony also announced the successful development of a mastering system for BD that it claims requires less than half the processes and only one-fifth the space of a conventional DVD mastering system.

The PTR-3000 mastering system, available to the market this fall, paves the way for cost-effective mass production of BD, Sony said. In addition to mastering of BD discs, the PTR-3000 also enables the mastering of conventional DVDs in one system, the company said.

The mastering system uses a blue-laser heat chemical reaction based on Phase Transition Mastering (PTM) technology and is the first production line mastering system to utilize the PTM technology, according to Sony.

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