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Blu-ray Attacks HD DVD on Web

19 Nov, 2007 By: Chris Tribbey

The Blu-ray camp has launched a viral advertising campaign for the format, with the launch of two YouTube spots, both attacking competitor HD DVD.

In “The Coaster,” a man watching Blu-ray Discs on his couch uses his HD DVD player as a coaster for his drink. In “The Junk Closet,” a consumer puts his HD DVD player in the closet on top of his Laser Disc, Beta and 8-track players.

Additionally, Hollywoodinhidef.com's Scott Hettrick was featured on The Learning Channel and Women's Entertainment Network Nov. 16-18 on a “Designing Spaces” high-def holiday special featuring Blu-ray. The five-minute special will be posted on www.hollywoodinhidef.com.

“The Coaster”

“The Junk Closet”

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