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Blockbuster Sends Videos, DVDs, DVD Players to Troops

15 Nov, 2001 By: Hive News

Blockbuster has begun donating videos to the troops fighting the war on terrorism in Operation Enduring Freedom to help keep morale high during the holidays and throughout the time they are away from their homes and families.

Blockbuster will kick off the initiative by donating more than 3,600 videos to 30 of the USOs overseas centers, as well as DVD players, DVDs and VHS movies to six of its stateside centers to provide entertainment for thousands of American troops.

In addition, the chain is sending DVD players, DVDs and VHS movies to the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt for its crew of more than 5,000.

Said John Antioco, chairman and c.e.o. of Blockbuster, "Because home entertainment is our business, we approached the USO to see how we could help improve the quality of life for the troops in their home away from home. We have worked with the USO in the past, and knew that they are always working to upgrade the services they provide to our military forces.

"We were later approached by Capt. Richard O'Hanlon, Commanding Officer of the USS Roosevelt, and responded immediately to his request for videos by sending not only VHS, but DVDs and DVD players as well."

Blockbuster is sending the Roosevelt almost 200 movies including various DVD titles and multiple copies of VHS titles selected by Capt. O'Hanlon in addition to several DVD players.

O'Hanlon expressed his gratitude via an e-mail from the ship which now flies the flag raised by firefighters over the rubble of the World Trade Center shortly after the attacks of Sept. 11.

He wrote: "Your support in providing recently released videos would be greatly appreciated by all of us here at the 'tip of the spear.' The morale boost it would bring to the approximately 5,500 dedicated and professional Americans would be tremendous; not only for the entertainment value but for the comfort of knowing that the American people are behind us.

"Any help you can provide in easing the stress of our sailors would be enjoyed and appreciated by all out here," he wrote.

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