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Blockbuster Prepares for 'Shrek' Arrival With a Blue Streak of Promotions

10 Oct, 2001 By: Hive News

Blockbuster is planning to capitalize on thebox-office success of DreamWorks' Shrek with a series of phased promotions that drive sales and rentals throughout the holiday season.

Blockbuster stores will use a pre-sell offer, street-date promotions and numerous cross-promotions to keep the buzz on the title.

For the pre-sell, customers will get a free DVD or VHS copy of Shrek when they buy a $25 10-week rental card from Oct. 2-Nov. 1.Customers can pick up their free copy on the release date of Friday, Nov. 2. The 10-week rental cards are good for one rental per week for each of the 10 consecutive weeks following activation. Each card is activated upon initial use and is valid at the store where the card is activated.

The chain is also offering three special-edition $5 Blockbuster GiftCards featuring Shrek. Customers will get one Shrek $5 GiftCard free with the purchase of $50 in Blockbuster GiftCards fromOct. 23-Dec. 16, while supplies last.

To promote the release date, customers who buy Shrek on VHS or DVDwith a tub of popcorn will receive an instant $3 off the purchase, through Nov. 20.

In-store promotion includes in-store retail merchandiser, POP terminal toppers, shelf talkers and window decals -- plus in-store Blockbuster TV and direct mail.

Online support at blockbuster.com features a dedicated Shrek pagewith details about DVD special features, the Blockbuster pre-sell offer, and more.

Local radio promotions and/or store events are also being developed in the top 40 U.S. markets. Promotion details may vary.

"Shrek is a big title for this holiday season -- particularly with its light-hearted tone and the increased demand for family entertainment throughthe upcoming holiday season," says Jim Notarnicola, executive v.p. and chief marketing officer for Blockbuster. "We've put together a package that keeps the film visible in our stores and highlights our other core holiday programs like Gift Cards."

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