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Blockbuster Opens 8,000th Store

24 Jun, 2002 By: Joan Villa

Blockbuster has opened its 8,000th store, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and launched a new ad campaign to promote game rentals and sales.

The Sao Paulo store opening “speaks to the strength of the Blockbuster brand,” noted Blockbuster president and COO Nigel Travis. "This event is significant because it symbolizes our tremendous opportunities for continued growth and development as we move beyond our 8,000th store."

On the game front, Blockbuster will use four 30-second television spots developed by J. Walter Thompson Chicago to reach gamers. One vignette dramatizes the extent that gamers will go to enjoy their hobby, while the second part shows the array of game options offered at Blockbuster.

“The new campaign supports what we are doing at the store level,” said Scott Parks, Blockbuster VP of advertising. “As of Memorial Day, we expanded and remerchandised the dedicated floor space for games and their platforms – Nintento, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameBoy Advance.”

Designed to position Blockbuster as “an ultimate source for games,” Parks said the campaign will cover print, radio and in-store advertising to support a variety of game rental initiatives and promotions introduced this summer.

All the spots end with the tagline, “Rent. Buy. Game Your Way,” and will air on cable outlets including ESPN 2, BET, MTV and Comedy Central.

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