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Blockbuster Online, GameznFlix.com Run Super Bowl Ads

6 Feb, 2005 By: Holly J. Wagner

The Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots won’t be the only ones going head-to-head at Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Blockbuster and GameznFlix.com, an upstart online rentailer that offers games as well as movies by mail, will both have ads in the program.

Some circles believe the real competition is for ad time, which guarantees a lot of eyeballs for the advertisers’ message.

Both companies are looking for recognition for their fledgling rental-by-mail businesses.

The Blockbuster campaign, which includes pre- and post-game Super Bowl spots on Fox, and primetime network programming and national cable, features two commercials promoting the convenience of Blockbuster Online’s DVD rental service. The campaign is scheduled to run Feb. 6 through Feb. 22.

“This is the first national broadcast advertising campaign for Blockbuster Online,” said Shane Evangelist, SVP and GM of Blockbuster Online. “We believe the ads clearly and cleverly communicate the message that Blockbuster Online brings the movie store to your door. And what better day to kick off this new campaign than Super Bowl Sunday, when millions of viewers are tuned into their televisions?”

If GameznFlix executives get their way, the company’s ad — which lampoons Blockbuster’s “no late fees” campaign with a man in a straitjacket because “he thought he was renting movies and games, no late fees, you know?” — will make a greater impression on consumers.

Like the game — oh yeah, remember the game? — the outcome won’t be known until the fat lady sings.

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