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Blockbuster Offers to Settle Late-Fee Cases With Coupons; Won't Change Rental Policy

5 Jun, 2001 By: Hive News

Blockbuster has offered to settle class-action lawsuits regarding its "extended viewing fees," without offering to change its late-fee policy, according to a Blockbuster press release.

Blockbuster would provide coupons to "eligible" class members that they can use toward movie rentals or purchases at Blockbuster-owned stores and franchisees. The coupons would be redeemable between Jan. 15, 2002 and May 15, 2002.

Under Blockbuster's policy, customers who do not turn in their movies or games within the rental period automatically have their rental extended for an equivalent time and price. Overall, says Blockbuster,about 90% of rentals are turned back within the rental period, and insists it has"worked proactively to make the rental process more convenient for its members" by extending its rental return period 12 hours, from midnight until noon the following day, in February 2000.

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