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Blockbuster Hopes Customers Will ‘Flip' for New Game Program

16 Jun, 2004 By: Holly J. Wagner

Blockbuster Video is encouraging young gamers to “flip it” in new ads for the Flip Card game pass launched late last month.

Consumers who buy a Flip Card for $49 plus tax — less than the price of most new-release games — get unlimited game rentals, one out at a time, for three months. There are no return dates for the life of the card. The promotion launched May 26 and runs through Sept. 6. Consumers may pay for the cards in cash or trades at stores that are trading discs for credit. Cards can only be used at the store where they were purchased, for three months from the date of purchase.

“We expect this to be one of the most popular programs of the summer,” said Thibault de Chatellus, Blockbuster SVP and category general manager, games. “With new game titles being introduced every week, this is an exciting way to try every one — without worrying about breaking the bank, or return dates and extended viewing fees during the term of the Flip Card.”

The company has a TV ad campaign for the promotion, geared to the 18-to-24-year-old male demographic — the most active gamers. The ad features young skateboarders whizzing around asking viewers to “flip it!”

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