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Blockbuster Expands Used-Disc Trade Arena

3 Nov, 2003 By: Holly J. Wagner

Blockbuster Video is jumping on the used-disc trade bandwagon for the holidays, embracing a strategy that smaller chains have had in place for some time.

Blockbuster's nationwide “Big DVD Trade-In” program lets customers buy one of the holiday season's hottest new DVDs for $12.99 with the trade-in of a used DVD in good condition. The offer is good Nov. 4 through Dec. 22 at participating stores.

The deal applies only to selected hot titles. They are: Matrix: Reloaded, Hulk, Finding Nemo, Legally Blonde 2, Terminator 3 (streets 11/11), Tomb Raider 2 (11/18), X-Men 2 (11/25), Bruce Almighty (11/25), Pirates of the Caribbean (12/2) Bad Boys II (12/9) Freaky Friday (12/16) Seabiscuit (12/16).

“Who knew that an old copy of Glitter or Spice World would be so valuable one day?” said Nick Shepherd, EVP and chief marketing and merchandising officer for Blockbuster. “We're offering our customers the chance to exchange those films they no longer want in their collections to trade up for some of the hottest new DVDs. Or perhaps it's time to move on from Spice World and Glitter to Legally Blonde 2 and Freaky Friday. Whatever the case, it's Blockbuster's holiday gift to our customers, giving them a great way to turn their unwanted DVDs into a great bargain on the hottest new DVDs for themselves or for their loved ones.”

Music chain The Wherehouse has long offered $5 off the cost of most new releases with the trade of a used disc. Both chains require that movies taken in trade be in good, playable condition, in standard commercial DVD packaging and including artwork. Blockbuster adds the caveat that movie trades be rated ‘R' or below by the MPAA, or if unrated, be clearly consistent with Blockbuster standards.

To kick off its promotion, Blockbuster conducted a survey to find which films customers would most like to trade in. Topping the list were Madonna: Truth or Dare and Baywatch: The Movie. Men said they would most like to trade in their wives/girlfriends' copies of Yentl and Titanic, while women want to slash their husbands'/boyfriends' copies of 1974's Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Three Stooges. Topping the list of children's franchises parents would most like to trade up were “The Teletubbies” and “Barney.”

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