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Blockbuster Customers Rank Horror Favorites

3 Oct, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

Blockbuster customers revealed what makes them scream at Halloween.

The top rental chain surveyed shoppers to discover the top 10 scariest moments in horror movies.

They are:
  • 1. The Ring (DreamWorks) Samara crawls out of the television.

  • 2. Hannibal (MGM) Dr. Lecter dines on Ray Liotta's character's brain.

  • 3. The Exorcist (Warner) Regan's upside-down spider walk down the stairs.

  • 4. The Blair Witch Project (Lionsgate) The final chase through the abandoned house.

  • 5. Alien (Fox) Alien baby bursts out of John Hurt's character's chest.

  • 6. The Exorcist (Warner) Regan's head spinning around backwards.

  • 7. A Nightmare on Elm Street (New Line) An invisible Freddy Krueger drags his victim across the ceiling.

  • 8. Poltergeist (MGM) Carol Anne announces "They're here!" in front of a static-filled TV.

  • 9. The Shining (Warner) Danny encounters the murdered twins.

  • 10. Seven (New Line) The "Sloth" corpse rises up.

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