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Blinkx to Bow Web TV Service

6 Nov, 2007 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Blinkx, a San Francisco-based online video search engine, is working to launch a Web-based broadband television service early next year.

Blinkx Broadband TV will cater toward niche programming, including health, fitness and lifestyle, in an attempt to attract advertisers leery of user-generated content.

A spokesperson said an exact launch date for the ad-supported service had not been determined.

Blinkx this week announced it had amassed 18 million hours of indexed, on-demand video and audio programming through relationships with more than 200 content providers, including, reportedly, 20th Century Fox and NBC Universal.

The company also signed a partnership with Gong, a Japanese-based on-demand anime site that features sci-fi, horror, fantasy and soap serials. Under terms of the deal, Blinkx will transcribe and index Gong content for easier user searches.

“What we really like is the middle tier of content,” CEO Suranga Chandratillake told the Financial Times of London.

With the writers strike impacting network TV and movie productions, the impasse is seen by some as a golden opportunity for Web-based TV to establish itself similar to what cable TV did during the 1988 strike.

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