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Big-Ticket DVD Hot at Best Buy

5 Oct, 2003 By: Jessica Wolf

Best Buy is gearing up for the holiday shopping season with prominent placement of big-ticket home video items.

A Costa Mesa, Calif., location last week had revamped its prime racks in the DVD section.

Leading the store's stock of DVD product were two new sections, one titled “Collector's Sets” and stocked with prime gift-giving titles like The Godfather Collection, The Jack Ryan Collection and others.

Immediately next to this display was a newly labeled “TV Shows” section, which featured plenty of giftworthy TV-on-DVD products, from new releases The Osbournes: Complete Second Season, the Dawson's Creek Series Finale and The Family Guy Seasons One and Two to staple TV sets from “The Simpsons,” “The Sopranos” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Best Buy also offered a free $5 gift card for shoppers who purchased both “Osbournes” DVD sets.

These two new displays have taken over the store's “DVD Best Sellers” section -- a space previously devoted to the newest releases. A clerk said the store is highlighting the pricier titles like collector's and TV sets in anticipation of the gift-buying season.

Meanwhile, the store's display touting the Scarface: Anniversary Edition DVD, was completely cleaned out the day after street.

The DVD also was nowhere to be found at a nearby Target, though three merchandising locations sported signage for the special edition DVD. A Target clerk checked back room stock for more copies of the title, but came up emptyhanded.

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