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Best Buy Survey Reveals HD Ignorance

25 Sep, 2007 By: Chris Tribbey

It's not the type of survey results Best Buy was hoping for: Nine out of 10 consumers are confused about high definition, and more than 40% people who already own an HDTV are still in the dark about HD.

A survey by the retailer asked a series of high-def questions over the phone to 1,012 adults in the continental United States. Among the findings:

  • Four in 10 people did not identify an HDTV as necessary to enjoy high-def content.

  • 44% of respondents did not know they needed HD programming or an HD antenna, while 52% did not know they needed HD cables and 62% did not know they needed a full audio set-up.

  • More than half of respondents said they had only budgeted for an HDTV, thinking that would be enough to be high-def.

  • 52% of respondents who already own an HDTV said they would be unwilling to admit their HD set-up was wrong after showing the system to friends.

  • Only 11% of all consumers said they feel they completely understand high-def, compared to only 19% of HDTV owners.

  • Best Buy is going all out to educate consumers following the survey results. The retailer has set up AskABlueShirt.com, offering an HD glossary, a Q&A for those setting up high-def, a planning and budget section, and a “What is HD Done Right” feature. The retailer is also setting up an HD hotline at 888/237-8289 (888/Best-Buy).

    “As more and more people invest in new high-definition televisions and expand their home theaters, Best Buy wants to ensure our customers fully appreciate what's needed to get the most from their purchases,” said Mike Vitelli, SVP and GM for home solutions. “We want to serve as a trusted resource to our customers, by helping them understand the necessary components and how to make the right budgeting decisions so they can have a truly outstanding HD experience in their home.”

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