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Best Buy Launches Holiday Ad Campaign

7 Nov, 2002 By: Hive News

Best Buy has launched a new television advertising campaign for the holidays highlighting key alliances with a variety of entertainment groups including MGM Studios, Activision, Sega and rock band Aerosmith.

The ads focus on the customer experience in Best Buy stores, showcasing the entertainment people enjoy and the products that bring them to life. The four ads brand Best Buy as a true entertainment destination where there is "something fun for everyone."

Each ad features a customer so engaged in the shopping experience that they actually become part of the action. From fighting Mr. T in Rocky III to fighting crime with Spider-Man, rocking out with Aerosmith to sacking an NFL quarterback, the ads are designed to show how people use technology products to connect with the entertainment they love and how Best Buy brings it all together.

"We understand that the technology products people buy center around their entertainment choices and lifestyles, " said Ruby Anik, VP of advertising for Best Buy. "Whether it's watching the latest DVD, listening to the hottest new CD or playing with friends on a gaming system, people are passionate about the way they use technology. By aligning with these entertainment groups, we're able to demonstrate how people can live out their fantasies using the latest technology from Best Buy."

The ads, created by Best Buy Advertising, are running throughout the U.S. and in Canada on national network and cable television.

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