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Best Buy Gets Clever With Studios

20 Jun, 2002 By: Jessica Wolf

At least at one Southern California location, Best Buy can turn a phrase with the best of them, using DVD as an opportunity for studio branding on store merchandisers and endcaps.

In the past, this particular location has touted Warner DVDs with signage above the DVD best-seller section. The company's promotional trademark black lettering on yellow background read: “DVDs from Warner: The most action you can experience with your feet up.”

Last week, above an endcap stocked with Buena Vista DVDs, there was another entry from Best Buy's “Secret Dictionary of Technology Terms.” Next to a Buena Vista logo, a sign defined the word “Cineplexed: the feeling one gets when having to make a choice from a wide selection of DVD.” Stocked below were high-profile Buena Vista titles like Good Will Hunting; Pulp Fiction; Tombstone; O Brother, Where Art Thou?; Unbreakable; and Good Morning Vietnam. This location also was offering a buy-three-get-$10-off deal on a selected list of Buena Vista titles.

Two endcaps at the front of the store were recently revamped to carry DVDs. A new Fox-devoted endcap and Paramount-product endcap join this location's traditional front-of-store, all-MGM-merchandise display. Above the (mostly catalog) Paramount DVDs was another promotional sign with the Paramount logo that read: “DVD movies, take 'em on location.”

MGM's Rollerball DVD streeted last week, and copies at each location visited had a sticker highlighting the DVD extras and labeling it as a “new ‘R'-rated version with exciting footage not seen in theaters.”

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