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Best Buy to Defray DirecTV Costs

3 Mar, 2008 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Seeking to expand awareness of HDTV among satellite consumers, Best Buy Co. March 3 said through June 24 it will pay $30 per month, for up to a year, towards a customer's DirecTV HD access.

The satellite provider offers programming in more than 90 HD channels, with HD-enabled plans from $49.98 per month.

The 12-month stipend, which appears as a credit on the customer's monthly statement, is limited to consumers who purchase any HDTV above $999.

Satellite consumers who purchase an HDTV below that amount receive six months worth of credit, and three months credit just when purchasing DirectTV.

Chris Homeister, VP of merchandising for home entertainment services, said the initiative underscored Best Buy's desire to link consumers to HD programming.

“By offering to help pay a customer's DirecTV bill, we're making a statement about the importance of connecting a television to the right source for HD programming,” Homeister said.

Separately, Minneapolis-based Best Buy appointed Michael Vitelli to the position of EVP of its customer operating groups, which include home entertainment. David Morrish was named EVP of connected digital solutions.

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