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Best Buy Brands DVD Deals

18 Apr, 2002 By: Jessica Wolf

Once again, a Southern California location offered DVD shoppers some multipurchase offers last week, at the same time promoting the studios involved.

Above the DVD best-seller racks were three promotional banners in Best Buy's signature black-print-on-yellow background, touting Buena Vista, MGM and Warner DVD titles.

One promo, clearly labeled with the MGM logo, offered DVD shoppers a buy-two-get-the-third-half-price deal on the titles Spaceballs, Blown Away, A Fish Called Wanda, Lord of the Flies, Thelma & Louise, Hoosiers, Misery, Escape From New York, The Great Escape, Fled, Cyborg, The Man in the Iron Mask, The Secret of NIMH and Posse. All were priced under $15. At this store, the only DVDs merchandised near the registers were on an MGM-labeled endcap, which is usually stocked with catalog items and rotated to reflect seasons/deals. Some of last week's sale titles were located there.

Another banner promoted a buy-one-get-one-free deal from Buena Vista, though the studio's name was not listed on signage. With the purchase of Pearl Harbor on DVD, shoppers were offered their choice of The Rock, Armageddon, Enemy of the State or <>Remember the Titans at no charge.

Next to promotional ads for these deals was another entry in Best Buy's in-store promotional campaign, “The Secret Dictionary of Technology Terms,” which listed the definition of “Thumbs Up” as “a term used to describe the perfect combination of must-have DVDs from Warner Bros.”

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