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Best Buy Attracts Catalog Shoppers

13 Sep, 2003 By: Jessica Wolf

Deep-discount shoppers didn't find huge savings last week on the newest releases as retailers kept prices in the $20 range, but there were deals to be found among catalog titles.

The Costa Mesa, Calif., Best Buy location visited last week recently began stocking DVD product on several long tables set up at the entrance to the movies and games section. Last week, the selection featured plenty of the newest releases as well as stacks of titles in the store's advertised “3 for $30” sale, including Fight Club, Valley Girl, Shanghai Noon, I Spy, Antwone Fisher, Just Married, Darkness Falls and O Brother, Where Art Thou?, among others. Plenty of shoppers on a Tuesday afternoon were taking advantage of the deal. A clerk said Fight Club and O Brother, Where Art Thou? were popular selections. Placed among the DVD stock on the tables was a TV running a commercial for the Digital Innovations Skip Doctor Disc Repair System, with plenty stocked next to DVDs.

At a nearby Blockbuster, signs touting the store's price match policy were in abundance over new releases and catalog sale racks -- the store would have to match Best Buy's prices on the newest titles of the week, as the discounts were advertised in the chain's weekly flyer for the region. Blockbuster endcaps also featured low-priced catalog titles like Corrina, Corrina for $14.99 and Cujo and One Night at McCool's for $9.99. The store also offers baskets for multirental or purchase shopping.

As usual, Blockbuster did not carry sale copies of the week's two multidisc TV releases: 24: Season 2 and The Family Guy Vol. 2. The store had three copies of 24 available for rent. Each of the seven discs for the three sets were rented out by Tuesday afternoon. “By the time I got here, they were all already gone,” a clerk said.

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