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BCI to Release Its First PSP Titles

4 Jul, 2005 By: Erik Gruenwedel

BCI Eclipse is joining the growing list of studios to release video titles for Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP).

Aug. 23 the supplier will release Pride Fighting Championships Hardcore Knockouts Vol. 1 ($19.98) on the Universal Media Disc (UMD). The title, based on the popular Japanese pay-per-view mixed martial arts league, is billed by BCI as the first direct-to-PSP video offering in the United States.

Also Aug. 23 the distributor will bow two best-of titles of the animated “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” on UMD at $19.98 each. The titles will come July 12 on DVD ($24.98 each).

A fourth scheduled PSP release, Gone in 60 Seconds, is the 1974 film by H.B. Halicki, not the more recent film starring Nicolas Cage.

BCI was attracted to PSP by the format's demographic, which includes a predominantly youthful male apt to buy a lot of videos and games who is interested in comic books, pop culture and graphic novels, according to BCI president Greg Glass.

“It has a fairly discernable demo,” Glass said. “Sony has been sharing data with anybody who has gotten on board as a licensee.”

“He-Man” appeals to the mid-20s to mid-30s male consumer who likes early 1980s cartoons, superheroes, and TV nostalgia — a core PSP user.

“The demo fit hand to glove,” Glass said. “We could look at our library and pick out titles that really fit. A lot of the marketing for DVD is shotgun approach. Rarely do you have the opportunity to market to such a tightly focused demo. That is what attracted us. We could deliver a product to market and know exactly who to look for and market to.”

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