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Bayview Pumps Out Fitness DVDs for Kids

15 Mar, 2008 By: Angelique Flores

Many health experts point to obesity as a major health problem for children. Bayview Entertainment is releasing three fitness titles that could address that epidemic: 65 Energy Blasts for Kids Fitness, Get Strong: 101 Fitness for Everyone and 6 Kids Fitness Workouts: Fit Kids.

The titles street May 13 (prebook April 8) at $24.99 each.

“These DVDs show kids that it's time to learn how to do this as part of your everyday life,” he said. “They make it fun [to do].”

65 Energy Blasts targets kids ages 5 to 11 and features 65 easy dance moves based on hip-hop and Latin styles. Each segment is 75 seconds and helps improve coordination, balance, agility, strength and overall fitness. Physical education teacher Judy Howard leads the workouts.

6 Kids is designed for kids ages 8 to 13 and contains four five-minute and two 10-minute dance-based workouts.

Get Strong is more intensive and educational, said Pete Apruzzese, Bayview's director of marketing. This DVD contains 101 innovative strength and conditioning activities aimed at children ages 10 to 18.

The DVD has five-, 10- and 15-minute workouts for small and large activity spaces. The workouts are adaptations of the same techniques used by athletes, but have been adapted by strength and conditioning expert Jon Bula for use in classrooms, the gym or at home. A “Fun and Games” chapter has seven “Get Strong” games that apply the strength-training techniques.

“There are no complicated moves and no special equipment needed,” said Apruzzese, adding that the short-segments are designed for kids with short attention spans.

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