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Bacon's 'Loverboy' a Family Affair

12 Jul, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

Kevin Bacon directs Loverboy.

For actor-director Kevin Bacon, Loverboy was a family gig. His wife, Kyra Sedgwick, is the lead, Kevin appears (playing her father), brother Michael scored the film, brother-in-law Robert Sedgwick has a part, and Kevin and Kyra's daughter Sosie Bacon plays the younger version of her mom's character, Emily.

Sosie was the right age, she wanted to do it, and it was fun to have her on the set, Bacon said.

“I thought she did a great job,” he said. But, Bacon added, he and Sedgwick aren't necessarily encouraging their kids to get into the business full-scale.

Bacon attended the VSDA convention in Las Vegas to promote Loverboy, which will arrive on DVD from Screen Media Films.

Sedgwick discovered the Victoria Redel-penned novel on which the movie is based, and they both were intrigued by the story.

“Kyra read the book and was kind of haunted by it,” Bacon said.

Sedgwick plays Emily, a woman emotionally twisted by her relationship with her parents, a couple passionately devoted to one another. As an adult, Emily pursues one-night stands, intending to be a single mother. Eventually, she has a son she nicknames Loverboy, whom she adores to obsession.

“I found it an interesting story,” Bacon said. “Though I'm not saying anything about parenting with it except that it's intense and kind of a tough ride.”

The lead character was just so unique, he said.

“In this woman's case, the exclusivity of her parents, love was very damaging to her,” Bacon said. “I'd never really seen that before.”

Loverboy marks Bacon's second time behind the lens. He directed Sedgwick in 1996's Losing Chase and will direct her again in an upcoming episode of her TNT series, “The Closer.”

The prolific star said he'll do more acting before he directs again.“When I do, it will probably be something like this again, something I can sort of nurture,” he said.

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