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Awareness of DVD Hardware on the Rise

17 Oct, 2003 By: Holly J. Wagner

Nearly one-third of the 60-plus million homes capable of viewing DVDs have moved on from their original console DVD players, according to a new study.

“The players are becoming ubiquitous in many hardware formats and at very low cost; it is the medium and, most importantly, the content it carries that are critical,” according to Jerilyn Kessel, co-founder of Santa Monica, Calif.-based research firm Centris.

The company reached its conclusions based on an analysis of six years' worth of consumer data.

Key observations in the study include:

* Awareness of DVD consoles reached a high of 81 percent in March 2003, compared with just 55 percent for DVD-ROMs.

* An increasing number of households have multiple DVD players, including homes with multiple console players. Nearly half -- 45 percent -- of the expanded DVD installed base, have at least two different devices capable of playing DVDs.

* An increasing number of DVD-ROM households are watching DVD movies on their PCs.

* Nearly 1 million DVD-ROM-only (without a console player) households rent at least one DVD a month; nearly another million buy at least one DVD each month.

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