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'Atlantis' Star Serves 'Breakfast'

27 Jul, 2007 By: John Latchem

David Hewlett couldn't be happier about the upcoming DVD release of the indie film A Dog's Breakfast. The “Stargate Atlantis” star wrote, directed and stars in what he describes as a “hobby” project that evolved into so much more.

“I really wanted to give a go at writing and directing and seeing a project through from beginning to end without wasting someone else's money,” Hewlett said. “So I thought I'd do it with my own, and it just ballooned.”

The movie was filmed two years ago during a break in the “Stargate” shooting schedule, with cast and crew members from both “Stargate” shows pitching in.

“We ended up with a real crew, we ended up with the ‘Atlantis' crew, and all of a sudden we're making a real movie,” Hewlett said. “And I'm scared out of my mind because I was just going to do this with a handicam.”

MGM Home Entertainment releases the DVD Sept. 18 (prebook Aug. 22) at $22.98. The movie is available now on iTunes for $14.99.

“We just wanted to do something that was fun that would appeal to the ‘Stargate' fans and just to show another side of people during the hiatus,” Hewlett said. “Our audience is the ‘Stargate' audience, and the DVD really is geared toward them.”

Hewlett's sister Kate, who also plays his sister on “Atlantis,” plays his sister in A Dog's Breakfast, which also features performances from his “Atlantis” co-stars Paul McGillion and Rachell Luttrell, and “Stargate SG-1” star Christopher Judge.

Hewlett descries the film as “an all-out silly A Fish Called Wanda-style comedy” about a man who so hates his sister's fianc? that he decides to murder him.

“But he's so bad at everything,” Hewlett said. “Why should murder be any different?”

The title refers to a British term that means to make a mess of things. “It really sums up the fact that this guy can't do anything right,” Hewlett said

Hewlett credits his fianc?e, Jane Loughman, for really pulling together the production and the DVD. Bonus features include an extensive behind-the-scenes featurette, commentary and deleted scenes.

“We cut a number of scenes because we didn't know how much we needed to shoot,” Hewlett said.

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