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Artisan Renews With Macrovision

3 Sep, 2003 By: Holly J. Wagner

Artisan Home Entertainment has renewed its deal to to use Macrovision's technology to copy protect its DVD releases in a multi-year agreement, Macrovision announced today.

"We strongly believe in protecting the long-term value of our DVD product," said Steve Beeks, president of Artisan Home Entertainment. "We understand that consumers have the means and the desire to copy videos, and we are pleased to have access to Macrovision's technology to prevent the majority of that casual copying by VCRs, as well as the new DVD-R and DVR devices."

Macrovision's technology was originally designed to help prevent unauthorized copying of VHS, DVD and Pay-Per-View programming to VCRs without impacting the quality of the original playback. An added feature of Macrovision's DVD copy protection technology also helps to prevent DVD-to-DVD copying. The majority of recently introduced DVD recorders, personal video recorders (hard drive recorders), and home media center PCs recognize Macrovision's proprietary technology and disable recording of copy-protected content, a Macrovision spokesperson said.

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