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Artisan Gets Right to ‘Care Bears'

25 Apr, 2003 By: Jessica Wolf

Artisan Home Entertainment has teamed up with animators Nelvana and licenser American Greetings to bring some spruced-up Care Bears to a new generation of kids.

Like Artisan's “Barbie” releases, computer animation will give a new direct-to-video Care Bears adventure the cutting-edge 3-D look today's kids are used to and expect, said Glenn Ross, Artisan EVP and president of Family Home Entertainment. “Taking a toy product and being able to translate that into a successful entertainment product is something at Artisan we have developed an expertise for,” Ross said.

Artisan also carries the home video rights to episodes from the 1980s TV series. The direct-to-video movie and TV episodes will hit video in 2004.

Debra Joester, president of the Joester Loria Group, which handles Care Bears' worldwide licensing for American Greetings, said the fuzzy crew with expressive bellies is part of a nostalgic resurgence of 1980s characters like Strawberry Shortcake and He-Man, among others. “Care Bears was the first of the '80s properties to relaunch into the market,” she said. “By the time the movie comes out, millions of the characters will be in the hands of children.” A multimedia marketing push will begin for Christmas 2003 and a line of Care Bears video games are in the works as well, Joester said.

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