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Ardustry, Zalman King Join on DVD Magazine

25 May, 2003 By: Kurt Indvik

“Digital anarchy” is how producer/director Zalman King describes his new “dMagZ,” a series of bi-monthly DVD magazines being produced and distributed in a joint venture with Ardustry Home Entertainment beginning this September.

The first two titles produced by the Zalman King Co. -- Maxxx'D Out and Sex, Y & Z -- will appear every other month in a monthly rotation and offer more than an hour of high-production music video, extreme sports, animation, beautiful women, behind the scenes interviews and segments with a variety of celebrities, and many other features all aimed at the 16- to 34-year-old male market. Ardustry will act as distributor.

“It's an explosion of ideas of all very different media that's coming together in a new way that reflects the attitude of today's younger people who say, ‘This is our life, and I dare you to make a judgment about it,’ said King, who is perhaps best known for such erotica as 9 1/2 Weeks, Wild Orchid and Showtime's long-running “Red Shoe Diaries,” but also for his extreme-sports filmmaking, such as the surfing film In God's Hands.

King said these DVD magazines will not resemble a typical magazine or even DVD magazine fare, but be a more directed, more film-like experience, linear in structure but not hosted.

The titles will also be bundled with CD samplers of new music by established stars and new cutting-edge acts. The two-disc package is expected to be priced at $12.98.

What sets these new additions apart from the growing DVD magazine rack (VSM, May 11-17), said Cheryl A. Freeman, CEO at Ardustry, is the high production value and the filmmaker's talent. “The film that Zalman is producing is just exquisite,” said Freeman.

Exquisite, perhaps, but really the emphasis is on edgy, King said.

Sex, Y & Z is more “dangerous” and explores the bad-boy lifestyle, with a dynamic concoction of uncensored music, underground parties, wild stunts, segments on women who are “sensual but give the men no quarter,” he said. “These are extreme women.”

Like the current slate of men's magazines, beautiful women are a strong part of the content of both these DVD magazines, including King's “It Girls” from the Internet, swimsuit fashion shows and other features that will include some nudity. The content for Sex, Y & Z is “within the ‘R' rating,” Kind said.

Maxxx'd Out is not quite as raucous and naughty and features more extreme sports, he said.

Music is a big part of the content for both titles, including pieces that cover both major acts like 50 Cent and new music from as-yet-undiscovered talent. The discs will include 5.1 sound.

The titles will also include DVD-ROM elements that let viewers sample video games and look at products from some of the discs sponsors, whose 15-to-30-second spots, promised King, will be carefully designed to meld with the content. Viewers will also be able to tap into online commerce opportunities from the sponsors in such categories as fashion, home electronics, health and fitness entertainment and others.

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