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Ardustry Tithes to Everyone

10 Mar, 2005 By: Brendan Howard

Most churches look for donations, but it's seldom that a home entertainment company helps with the tithing. Ardustry Home Entertainment, however, is doing just that.

A unique postcard will be included with every DVD of the upcoming He Is Risen. When consumers mail the postcard and a receipt to Ardustry with the name and address of their religious institution of choice, Ardustry will donate to the institution 10 percent of the total purchase price.

But couldn't that end up being a lot of work for the back office? CEO Cheryl Freeman, who came up with the idea, isn't worried.

“We do have the possibility that we'll get thousands of requests,” Freeman said. “If we get thousands of requests, then we're a success. If we get thousands of requests, it'll be a success for the churches.”

The offer is also open to all religious institutions, not just Christian ones. The only exception? Nothing illegal “like Al Qaeda,” Freeman said.

He Is Risen, which focuses on Jesus' death and resurrection, is the first of four “Walk With Faith” titles to street in 2005 from Ardustry. The series mixes newly commissioned Christian music, Christian scripture spoken and onscreen, and 70mm footage of places and moments of natural and architectural beauty.

He Is Risen streets March 22 at $19.98. Honor Your Father & Your Mother, also $19.98, comes out April 26 (prebook April 5), before Mother's Day. Two more DVDs — one on using God-given talents and another on the birth of Christ — will hit in September and the end of the year, respectively.

Freeman, who's often moved by the music in services at her church, said the series is beautiful.

“This program, when you watch it and you listen to the scripture and you hear the music, you'll cry,” she said.

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