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Ardustry Branches Into Theaters

16 Mar, 2005 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Ardustry Home Entertainment has become the latest indie supplier to go theatrical. The company has acquired Peach Arch Entertainment's Now and Forever, starring Mia Kirshner (of Showtime's “The L Word”), for theatrical distribution in June.

Ardustry also will handle the home video release of the film, which was directed by Bob Clark (Baby Geniuses, A Christmas Story).

Cheryl Freeman, Ardustry's CEO, said the company's entry into theatrical distribution came about by chance. “In order to get the video rights, we had to commit to doing theatrical,” she said.

And getting the video rights to Now and Forever was important to Ardustry, Freeman added, because of the film's quality. It's a Sixth Sense-like movie about a Native American boy raised by his grandfather who falls in love with a white girl, but then loses her.

“It's really a very beautiful film, and the Native American genre is a very good genre to go after simply because there are very few films out there,” Freeman said. “Particularly for a film such as this, theatrical distribution is very important. It really drives DVD sales by building awareness.”

Freeman said Ardustry will continue to explore theatrical distribution options in the future.

“It's a totally different world [than home video], but it's very, very interesting,” she said. “We're learning a great deal. And it's becoming easier to do this.”

She notes that more and more theaters are accepting films digitally rather than requiring an internegative, “and that's opening up theatrical to a lot of indies.”

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