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Apple Credits iTunes Subscribers Over Strike-Affected Shows

25 Mar, 2008 By: John Latchem

Apple's iTunes store will issue credits to users who subscribed to season passes for shows affected by the recent writers strike.

The online store offers downloads of individual episodes for $1.99 each, with a discount for the purchase of an entire season. With the strike shortening episode runs for many series, season pass viewers who paid in advance will end up with less than full value for some shows.

For shows that are returning, Apple will credit subscribers with two free videos, a value of about $4. Subscribers to shows that have already concluded their seasons as a result of the strike will receive a refund for the remaining episodes, plus two video credits.

Amazon's Unbox avoided a similar circumstance, according to The Hollywood Reporter, because its seasonal subscribers are charged a discounted rate only after each episode is delivered.

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