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Apple Ads Say June 29 iPhone Launch Date

4 Jun, 2007 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Apple Inc. unofficially announced June 29 as the launch date for the highly anticipated iPhone.

The date is displayed at the end of online video ads (www.apple.com/iphone) for the device (from $499, depending on configuration) that gives users the ability to download music, movies, send and receive text messages and make telephone calls, among other features, via a touchscreen interface.

The iPhone at launch will be exclusive to a two-year service agreement with AT&T/Cingular and features a 4GB or 8GB hard drive.

Despite previous scuttlebutt that the device would street June 20, Apple has made no formal announcement and CEO Steve Jobs has reportedly said the device would launch in June.

A consumer survey by Harris Interactive Technology Practice found that 47% of respondents said they were aware of the product and 17% expressed an interest in buying it.

Apple jumpstarted legitimate music downloads in 2001 with launch of the iPod and today commands more than 70% market share in the portable music player industry.

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