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AOL Launches High-Speed Broadband in L.A. With DVD Music Exclusives

28 Nov, 2001 By: Hive News

Leading online gateway America Online on Wednesday announced the launch of its AOL High-Speed Broadband service over the Time Warner Cable system in Los Angeles.

AOL High-Speed Broadband offers instant-on capability and multiple audio and video options, including music, short video clips, movie trailers, sports highlights, and live news reports, as well as access to AOL features such as e-mail, instant messaging and interactive gaming. AOL currently counts approximately 31 million subscribers to its online service.

To promote the launch of AOL Broadband in L.A., AOL Music will host "BroadBAND Rocks" from Nov. 30 through Dec. 7. "BroadBAND Rocks" features on-demand online DVD content to members of AOL's broadband services. It offers a sneak peek at soon-to-be-released DVDs from AC/DC and David Gray, as well as recent releases from O-Town and Linkin Park.

The AC/DC DVD/VHS material will be available in stores on Dec. 4, but the entirevideo is available to AOL High-Speed Broadband users for a one-week-only online preview. David Gray's VHS/DVDwill be available at retail on Dec. 11. O-Town's home video is their first; no release date was provided. Consumers can also link to purchase cassettes and DVDs at CDNow through AOL.

Film content includes movie previews, animated material, short video clips, and entertainment news from HBO,Moviefone, Warner Bros. Online and Cartoon Network.

High-Speed Broadband subscribers pay $44.95 for unlimited use and $2.95 per hour for dial-up use. Members who want unlimited broadbandconnectivity, and unlimited access to AOL's worldwide network of dial-up connections from any location, pay $54.95 per month. There are no activation or cancellation fees.

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