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Another Player Launches Movie Filtering Service

19 Dec, 2001 By: Hive News

Los Angeles-based ClearPlay is the third company in recent months to throw its hat in the self-censorship ring with the announcement today of its eponymous filtering software.

While all three companies promise their software will let viewers control how much graphic violence, gore, profanity and sexual content their movies contain, there are differences.

Unlike Salt Lake City-based Triology and Carefree, Az.-based Clean Cut Video, which are pay-per-transaction services, ClearPlay is using a subscription model. Users pay $9.95 per month for computer access to a library of guides that starts with "more than 150 hit DVD titles," and ClearPlay promises "approximately" 25 new titles each month. But they must also download the software to a computer to use it, ostensibly with the option to connect that to a television screen for larger screen viewing, according to a company press release.

Once they have the software, viewers can choose whether to use ClearPlay on a movie or watch it in its original form. The file instructs the DVD player when to skip over or mute portions of the film to filter out specific content.

Clean Cut's service, launched Oct. 26, actually alters video product that Clean Cut owns. The company rents its scrubbed videos and edits privately owned videos for a fee. Along with sex and violence, Clean Cut edits out references to diety.

Trilogy offers a masking service that would, for example, put a corset on Kate Winslett's character in Titanic when she poses for a nude portrait.

"ClearPlay has developed patent-pending precision timers that allow for frame-accurate control of the DVD presentation without impacting any of the copy protection measures incorporated in the DVD standard," a publicist says, adding the company's editors aspire to preserve the continuity of storylines "and the engaging nature of the film."

The company lets new customers cancel for a full refund within 21 days if not completely satisfied.

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