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Another Delay for PS3: 'Home' Virtual World Tabled

20 Sep, 2007 By: Billy Gil

Sony has issued another delay for its PlayStation 3 console: the proposed “Home” virtual world services. Initially planned for this year, the service is now sidelined until next spring.

“Home” is planned to be a virtual world similar to Linen Lab's “Second Life,” though it would be uniquely usable to PS3 users. Much like “Second Life,” “Home” would provide businesses with such opportunities as advertising and online shopping.

Kazuo Harai, the new chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment, made the announcement Sept. 20 in his first major public appearance in the role.

“We wanted to wait until we could offer what would be totally satisfying for our customers,” Hirai said in a keynote speech at the Tokyo Game Show, an annual trade show.

The announcement lines up with a string of failures for the PS3, such as projections it may be outsold 2-1 by Xbox 360 in this fourth quarter, and problems with international launches.

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