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Anchor Bay Previews 'Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer,' Reveals 'Heathers' Blu-ray Date

25 Jul, 2008 By: Billy Gil

Anchor Bay Entertainment held several panels July 24 at Comic-Con to preview Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer, coming to DVD Oct. 7, as well as other content out on DVD or coming soon.

Actor Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger in “A Nightmare on Elm Street”) who plays a professor who becomes a tentacled monster in the film, said he had to read the script a couple of times before he recognized its splatstick “Evil Dead” feel and signed on. The horror legend said seeing director/co-writer Jon Knautz's short film “The Still Life” helped convince him to get involved.

“I popped it in the DVD [player] … and it was like getting some great lost episode of … ‘The Twilight Zone,’ Englund said.

Englund said he and the filmmakers bonded over movies they liked, calling movies the “great common denominator,” from Caddyshack to Citizen Kane.

“[They had] stacks and stacks of DVDs [in the office],” Englund said.

The filmmakers and producers on the panel said working with Englund was a dream come true.

“My bedroom was covered with Freddy Kruger posters when I was a kid,” said Robert Hall, director of Laid to Rest.

Hall promoted his Anchor Bay film Laid to Rest, with a first-look clip shown at the panel. He said the gory film, which stars 300's Lena Headey, will get a limited theatrical release in early 2009, with a DVD release to follow.

At a second panel, writer/director Daniel Waters revealed that Heathers, which just celebrated its 20th anniversary with a new DVD release from Anchor Bay, also will hit Blu-ray Disc in December.

At the same panel, Oscar-nominated screenwriter Josh Olson (A History of Violence) discussed adapting Harlan Ellison's “The Discarded.” The adaptation is included in the “Masters of Science Fiction” DVD set streeting Aug. 5 from Anchor Bay.

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