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Anchor Bay to Clean Up With 'Lather Effect'

29 May, 2008 By: Chris Tribbey

Eric Stoltz in The Lather Effect

Anchor Bay Entertainment and the stars from the 1980s reflection romp The Lather Effect took over Joseph's in Hollywood May 27 to mark the DVD's release.

“We think it's going to perform quite well,” said Anchor Bay president Bill Clark. “When we first heard about it, we loved it. The [DVD] orders have been above expectations.”

Every member of the film said the film is perfect for anyone wanting a new taste of the 1980s, especially the music.

“It's indelible, the music,” said actor William Mapother, while 1980s DJ Richard Blade played ‘80s tunes in the background. “Of course, what we listened to on the set and what we listen to in the movie wasn't necessarily the same.”

“It wasn't so much a nostalgic time,” said actress Caitlin Keats. “It was a more innocent time, in a sense.”

To promote the DVD, Anchor Bay has mostly stuck with a viral campaign, going to Classmates.com, Facebook.com, the cast members' own Web sites, online giveaways, and music sites.

“Overall, we were using the high school reunion angle with a play on the ‘80s for the nostalgia factor,” said Starz Entertainment's Floresha Schultheiss. “The Lather Effect is about reflecting back on your life and questioning whether you made the right decisions. Everyone's done that at some point in their lives, and that's what makes this film so relatable.”

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