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Anchor Bay Bows 1980s TV Fave

17 Dec, 2004 By: Jessica Wolf

Anchor Bay Home Entertainment will provide some good old American nostalgia with the Feb. 15 release of The Greatest American Hero: Season One DVD ($29.98).

The series, starring William Katt as the erstwhile hero of the show's title, had a short run on ABC from 1981-1983 and also stars Connie Sellecca and Robert Culp.

The premise of the show: An unassuming high school teacher is endowed with a special superhero suit from some aliens of ambiguous intent, but having promptly lost the instruction manual to said suit becomes an earnest, but rather bumbling, superhero.

Gord Lacey, editor of TVShowsOnDVD.com, said there's been moderate interest from his readers for this show, but like much of the 1980s TV programming cropping up on DVD these days, there's an avid cult fanbase for the DVDs.

The three-disc set contains the entire first season, including the Emmy-nominated two-hour pilot, as well as all-new cast interviews with stars Katt, Sellecca, Culp, co-star Michael Par? and creator Stephen J. Cannell.

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