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Amazon and Warner Make 'DVD Decision'

29 May, 2006 By: Jessica Wolf

Amazon and Warner Home Video are tapping the site's large movie-loving consumer base for Warner's new “DVD Decision” voting promotion.

June 1 through Aug. 1, Amazon users can vote from a batch of 30 unreleased films from Warner's giant library.

The top 10 vote-getters will be released on DVD. Half will hit streets Dec. 5 and half Jan. 2, 2007.

Voters can cast their vote for DVD Decision 2006 at www.amazon.com/dvddecision2006. Amazon also will provide links to voting throughout DVD pages within the site.

Titles selected for DVD Decision 2006 are Al Capone, Gymkata, The Hand ,Operation Crossbow, Up Periscope, Cimarron, The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing, Angels in the Outfield, Blume in Love, Get to Know Your Rabbit, Not With My Wife You Don't, You're A Big Boy Now, April in Paris, Best Foot Forward, The Eddie Cantor Story, Presenting Lilly Mars, All Fall Down, The Arrangement, Band of Angels, Bhowani Junction, Carny, The Illustrated Man, Looker, Madame Curie, Made in Heaven, Mike's Murder, One Trick Pony, Sphinx, Sunrise at Campobello and There Was a Crooked Man.

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