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Alleged Xbox 360 Glitches Lead to Lawsuit

5 Dec, 2005 By: Holly J. Wagner

A Chicago man has sued Microsoft, alleging the company knowingly sold defective Xbox 360 consoles in its rush to plant the flag as the premier next-generation gaming console.

Attorneys for Robert Byers will seek class action status for the lawsuit filed in an Illinois federal court, according to a Reuters report. The case alleges the Xbox 360's central processing unit is prone to overheating, which affects its heat-sensitive chips and causes the consoles to lock up.

The lawsuit seeks unspecified money damages and a recall or repair of consoles already sold.

Complaints about the consoles freezing or crashing surfaced nearly as soon as the machines went on sale Nov. 22, but a Microsoft spokesperson said the glitch affected less than 3 percent of machines sold.

The Xbox 360 is not equipped with high-definition formatting, which has also raised speculation on gamer Web sites that next-generation versions of some of the most popular games might have to be offered on several discs.

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