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Alex Reymundo, the Hick-Spanic Wonder

7 Apr, 2008 By: Billy Gil

Alex Reymundo may not be your typical Latino comedian, but the self-professed “hick-spanic” prides himself on his broad appeal.

Reymundo seems to relish his own contradictions. His comedy is by turns crass and family-friendly, employing toilet humor and clever wordplay, appealing to Americans with his Southern accent and to Latinos with interspersed Spanish, asking “?Qu? dije?” after a particularly pointed joke.

“I believe it's my job to make people laugh,” Reymundo said. “I know the way I want to make them laugh, but I will try to find them, if I need to speed it up, slow it down, dirty it up, make it more high-brow … I will try to find that common denominator.”

Reymundo was born in Mexico, raised in Central Texas and spent several years living in Kentucky. The Southern flavor he acquired while living in those places combined with his Latino upbringing informs his unique brand of comedy, which is now widely available on DVD.

Vivendi Entertainment and Salient Media last year released on DVD Alex Reymundo: One Funny Hick-Spanic. The DVD version of the comedy special, which aired on Comedy Central and Showtime, is an extended cut with 12 minutes of bonus footage as well as six featurettes, including one of Reymundo at a NASCAR event in Mexico City.

“As kids we put on shows for the family,” Reymundo said. “I saw stand-up comedy as a vehicle to get me [into show business]. … Thank God for my immigrant perseverance.”

However, there was another reason for Reymundo's entry into comedy.

“Girls. That's just the honest truth,” Reymundo said. “I'm now happily married with two children. I wanted to be in show business, but realized comedians were picking up the hottest chicks in the room.”

Of course, Reymundo says this while spending time with his family in the high desert outside of Los Angeles, on a break from his ongoing comedy tour with “Blue Collar” comedian Ron White. Reymundo said he has known White for 20 years, and was working as a bartender in Arlington, Texas, when White took the stage at his bar. Eight months later, Reymundo started doing stand-up and toured with White on and off for years.

“I think he and I are the perfect one-two punch,” Reymundo said. “Both of our audiences really love the other guy. We're trying to show people hillbillies are just Latinos with a tanning problem.”

Next up, Reymundo has coming to DVD The Payaso Comedy Slam, streeting May 13 (DVD $19.99) from Vivendi and Salient Media. Reymundo hosts the show, which features comedians Joey Diaz, Jeffrey Garcia, Erik Griffin, George Perez, Rick Ramos, Johnny Sanchez and Edwin San Juan. Reymundo can also be seen as the host of The Original Latin Divas of Comedy, on DVD from Vivendi/Salient, as well as on The Original Latin Kings of Comedy, on DVD from Paramount Home Entertainment.

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