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AFI Offers Online Course

15 Jan, 2002 By: Hive News

The American Film Institute (AFI), Columbia Digital Knowledge Ventures and digital filmmaking expert Michael Rubin have created AFI's first online course to teach students how to shoot and edit their own digital video project.

AFI and Columbia DKV have coproduced the online course titled ‘"Digital Video: An Introduction with Michael Rubin.'" This course draws upon the expertise of filmmaker, author, and lecturer Michael Rubin to guide participants through each step in the digital filmmaking process. Rubin provides how-to instruction on equipment use as well as shooting and editing techniques.

"AFI is continually seeking new ways to connect the practical experience and expertise of filmmakers with the growing number of students and film enthusiasts interested in entering the field,'" said Nick DeMartino, AFI associate director/Strategic Planning and director, AFI New Media Ventures. ‘"We are very pleased that this collaboration with Columbia DKV and Fathom allows AFI to reach these audiences with such a high quality educational experience online."

The Digital Video course is offered for an introductory enrollment fee of $50 and is open to everyone. Upon enrollment, the course material is available to participants for six months and can be accessed online anytime.

"AFI has been an active partner with Columbia University and the other members in building Fathom into the world's leading knowledge destination on the Web,'" said Jean Picker Firstenberg,AFI's director and CEO. ‘"Now, with the launch of this first e-course on Fathom, AFI and its faculty can provide a service to young people and adults around the world on the Web. AFI regards this step as a learning experience and a harbinger for the future.'"

The course is available through Fathom, the online learning company, at fathom.com/afi. AFI is a member of the Fathom consortium.

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