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ADV Scores Robotech Precursor

23 Jan, 2002 By: Hive News

ADV Films has acquired the rights to release anime series Genesis Climber Mospeada from Harmony Gold on for the home video.

"Fans have been demanding to see Mospeada for years," ADV president John Ledford said. "Bringing it to the States is a big honor for us at ADV, and we're especially happy to be releasing it in the Japanese language, which is the way it was intended to be seen."

ADV's release of Genesis Climber Mospeada marks the first time ever all 25 episodes of the series have been made available to North American audiences in their original, uncut form. Mospeada was first seen in North America in an English-dubbed format as Robotech: New Generation, the third and final act of the 85-episode Robotech series.

The Mospeada series was modified to fit into Robotech continuity, with major revisions to the original script and scene sequence. Building on the success of Robotech on DVD, ADV is planning a Mospeada DVD release. It will be presented in a Japanese-language version with English subtitles only.

"Taking a cue from the glut of giant transformable mecha as the linchpin for sustaining productions," Robotech producer Carl Macek said, "Mospeada chose to go against the norm and personalized the mecha in the form of transformable body armor. The result is a more intimate and believable storyline."

Set in the year 2083, mysterious aliens known as the Inbit have ruled the Earth for a generation. A fleet of rebel fighters from humanity's outpost on Mars journeys to Earth to reclaim its homeworld, but they are tragically wiped out, leaving young pilot Stig Bernard as the last survivor. Bernard sets out on a suicide mission to invade the Inbit headquarters. Along the way, he gathers a small group of freedom fighters, along with an assortment of powerful robotic weapons and fantastic transforming vehicles to help his cause.

Pricing information was not immediately available.

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