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Academy Approves Rules for Best Animated Feature Film <BR> It's the first new Oscar category in nearly 20 years.

25 Jun, 2001 By: Hive News

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Board of Governors has approved final rules governing an award for best animated feature film, the first new Oscar category in nearly 20 years, said the Hollywood Reporter.

The approval comes nine months after the initial announcement of the category, which had been debated for years by the Academy.

An animated feature is defined as "a motion picture of at least 70 minutes in running time where asignificant number of the major characters in the film are animated, and animation figures in no less than 75% of the picture's running time," according to the new rules.

An Oscar for animated feature will be presented only when eight or more eligible films are released in a calendar year, the rules state. The executive committee of the short films and feature animation branch will recommend whether to activate the category in a given year after reviewing all releases. Films submitted in the category will be eligible for Oscars in other categories, the Reporter said.

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