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AAMCO Markets 'Die Hard' Disc

22 Oct, 2007 By: Chris Tribbey

Live Free or Die Hard

AAMCO Transmission and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment are teaming up on a $2.5 million marketing campaign in advance of the Nov. 20 release of Live Free or Die Hard.

Beginning Oct. 23 and running through Dec. 1, the promotion will hit TV, radio, in AAMCO stores, through the mail and via sweepstakes. Consumers who enter the contest will have a shot at a free trip to Los Angeles where they will spend a day with the film's stunt coordinator Brad Martin.

“He was good enough to say we could bring the person in and he'd spend the day with them,” said Joe Ames, executive director of global marketing partnerships for Fox. He said the winner's agenda with Martin may or may not include explosions of some sort.

“If that's the case, I'm winning it,” Ames joked. “Live Free or Die Hard was the top action movie of the year, and we feel AAMCO's customers are the right (for the DVD.”

The Nov. 20 release includes a DVD, a Blu-ray Disc and a “Die Hard Trilogy” Blu-ray offering. The Live Free or Die Hard discs will include a making-of documentary, actor and director commentaries, a multilevel strategy game called “Black Hat Intercept,” deleted scenes, featurettes, a visual-effects breakdown, alternate endings, side-by-side comparisons and a “Die Hard” music video by Guyz Nite. A digital download option will also be included on the disc.

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