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A Video Game Offer You Can't Refuse

27 Feb, 2006 By: John Latchem

The Godfather is making a comeback.

Electronic Arts is releasing The Godfather: The Game March 21 and will unleash a marketing blitz to promote the franchise.

The same day, Paramount Pictures Home Entertainment re-releases its Godfather DVD Collection ($76.99). The boxed set is identical to the five-disc set released in 2001, but features an additional sixth bonus disc promoting the video game.

The game is based on the Oscar-winning trilogy of “Godfather” films. Players assume the role of a soldier in the Corleone family and embark on a series of missions to carry out the family business.

Original film stars James Caan and Robert Duvall have lent their voices to the game. Mark Winegardner, author of the novel The Godfather Returns, provided story editing and insight into the world of “The Godfather.”

The DVD bonus disc will feature 12-minute extended gameplay trailers that take a look at the opening of the game and describe the core features. The DVD also will include two making-of featurettes about the game.

The tie-in is designed to promote the film series, which began in 1972, to younger viewers who may not be familiar with the films but comprise a core video-game demographic.

On the flip side, those who purchase the game will receive a $10 mail-in rebate off the purchase of the DVD set through April.

The ‘M'-rated game will be priced at $49.99 for PlayStation 2 and Xbox, and $59.99 for Xbox 360 and a collector's edition PS2 and Xbox.

A $49.99 PlayStation Portable version of the game is slated for release June 15.

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