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A Reason to Shout

14 Feb, 2005 By: Brendan Howard

Hasbro Games is giving movie fans a way to put their trivia knowledge and vocal cords to work for the DVD game Shout About Movies.

There are four Shout About Movies DVDs available, with three games — lasting 45 minutes to one hour — on each one.

Each disc retails for $19.99.

In the game, teams compete to identify quotes, scenes and characters from more than 100 films, 40 directors and 50 actors. The game includes “Shout Rounds,” in which players yell out answers, and “Whisper Rounds,” in which teams huddle quietly to discuss strategy before giving an answer. The winning team isn't revealed until the last second of the final round. Scoring is calculated on screen with the DVD-player remote.

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